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Box Office Ticketing


Equip your venue for success with the next generation in reserved-seat ticketing solutions. tRes offers a wealth of functionality and flexibility designed to retain control of your ticket sales, customer relationships and brand. tRes’s powerful, affordable technology gives you the best tools available to fill your seats.
Reserved Seat Ticketing Solution enables you to:
  • Simplify the selling and allocating of your ticket inventory
  • Control your ticket sales and customer data
  • Accelerate your ticket sales with point-and-click simplicity Download PDF

Online Ticketing


eVenue provides a branded, hosted, and integrated ecommerce solution allowing efficient automation of selling and allocating tickets in real-time.
Online Ticketing Solution enables you to:
  • Increase revenues via 24/7 online box office
  • Lower costs by automating manual processes
  • Manage your brand and customer experienceDownload PDF

eVenue Mobile

eVenue Mobile is optimized to give your customers an ideal ticket buying experience from any mobile device. With eVenue Mobile, you capture sales from customers on-the-go by enabling them to easily purchase tickets via any smart phone or mobile device.
eVenue Mobile enables you to:
  • Grow Your Mobile Sales Channel
  • Provide an Intuitive Mobile Interface
  • Manage Ticket Inventory
  • Measure Results and Maximize EffectivenessDownload PDF

Ticket Marketplace

Ticket Marketplace gives your patrons an online marketplace to easily sell their tickets when unable to attend an event. The seller is rewarded with credits for future purchases and locks in their loyalty. By creating a marketplace for buyers and sellers, you provide a highly needed service and, in return, earn fees from both parties.
Online Ticket Resale Solution that enables you to:
  • Fill seats that would otherwise go unused
  • Increase season ticket holder retention
  • Acquire new customers and generate revenueDownload PDF

Group Ticket Window

Group Ticket Window links to event information and a method for each member to effortlessly purchase tickets. Capturing each member’s data, you build relationships with everyone. Members are more likely to participate and your venue captures new customers when it’s easy to buy individual group tickets. Enabling your customers to manage and purchase group events with point-and-click simplicity reduces the burden on your leaders and sales team.
Online Group Sales enables
you to:
  • Transform every group member into a customer
  • Make it easier to promote events and drive sales
  • Streamline group salesDownload PDF

Digital Ticketing

Access Management

Access Management provides tools to enable your customers to bypass will call and quickly enter the venue with their print-at-home ticket, student ID or credit card. In addition to tracking real-time access, you will be able to catch fraudulent tickets at the gate.
Access Management enables you to:
  • Reduce printing, distribution and labor expenses
  • Capitalize on new revenue opportunities
  • Enable digital ticketing products and servicesDownload PDF


The Uptix stored value ticketing solution enables venues to pre-sell merchandise and concessions value loaded on bar-coded event tickets. This creates a “cashless” and improved in-venue experience for customers, and increases event-day revenues for venues.
Uptix enables you to:
  • Increase Customer Spend
  • Improve the Customer Experience
  • Increase Retention and Season Ticket Sales
  • Increase Concession ProfitDownload PDF

Ticketing Intelligence

Paciolan Ticketing Intelligence

Paciolan Ticketing Intelligence provides real-time reporting and visual dashboards directly from a data warehouse to help live entertainment organizations quickly identify trends and make critical, data-driven business decisions.
Ticketing Intelligence enables you to:
  • Drive Revenue Opportunities
  • Improve Operational Efficiencies
  • Better Understand Your Business
  • Share Information Across Your OrganizationDownload PDF