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eMail Marketing


Maximize your ticket sales through increased communication and customer awareness with PACmail. Promote online singles, season renewals, subscriptions, and sell out events and performances with last minute incentives. Real-time reporting features allow you to analyze and measure the performance and success of your email marketing campaigns.
Email Marketing enables you to:
  • Increase ticket sales through targeted emails with social media sharing
  • Save time and money on direct marketing campaigns
  • Real-time Analysis of Campaign Performance
  • Improve customer relationships through strengthened communication Download PDF

Consumer Reach - Email MarketingConsumer Reach - Email MarketingConsumer Reach - Email MarketingConsumer Reach - Email MarketingConsumer ReachConsumer Reach

PAC Social Media

The PAC Social Media marketing suite allows organizations to effectively engage their customers and efficiently manage all of their social channels. The platform enables teams and venues to provide rich social media experiences in-venue, on their websites and microsites, and throughout their digital media assets to drive significant fan and customer engagement.PAC Social Media provides organizations and venues with the tools to create and publish unique social experiences across any digital screen, from owned properties to in-venue displays, through user-generated content.
PAC Social Media enables you to:
  • Effectively manage promotions and engagement applications via multiple digital platforms, including websites and microsites
  • Launch social media hubs, hashtag polls and voting, carousels of social images and fan-curated content
  • Engage fans and customers with displays of social media content in venue
  • Monitor and track how content resonates and how experiences drive behavior to uncover the reach of your social impactDownload PDF
Consumer Reach - Email MarketingConsumer Reach - Email MarketingConsumer Reach - Email Marketing

Ad Retargeting

Retargeting allows you to track consumers that visited your website, but did not purchase tickets, and serve them online banner advertisements that feature a special offer to purchase tickets to your events.
Ad Retargeting enables you to:
  • Drive online sales for season tickets, packages, singles, or donations
  • Deliver the right message to the right person
  • Earn the highest return on ad spend (ROAS) for
    your marketing budget
  • Rich and instant analytics allow for quick refinements of campaign tactics Download PDF
Ad RetargetingAd RetargetingAd Retargeting

PAC FanMaker Rewards

PAC FanMaker Rewards, powered by FanMaker, is a rich fan and student loyalty program that rewards customer activity and engagement with your brand. This powerful loyalty program tracks attendance data, ticket scans, season ticket purchases, fundraising donations, and online social media interactions to help organizations more deeply engage and reward their fans to keep seats filled. In turn, fans are eligible to redeem prizes, contests, merchandise and unique money can’t buy experiences.
PAC FanMaker Rewards enables you to:
  • Integrate Paciolan and social media data
  • Drive attendance and revenue
  • Develop and identify brand advocates
  • Amplify your content’s reach and create value extending beyond your venueDownload PDF
PAC RewardsPAC RewardsAd Retargeting

Marketing Automation

The Marketing Automation platform, powered by FanOne Marketing, is a behavior-based multi-channel marketing solution. The platform empowers organizations to deliver customized, triggered campaigns and retargeting emails that provide a one-to-one-marketing experience for each fan. The solution integrates ticketing data, online behavior, and consumer response with sales and marketing campaigns. These features provide organizations with greater insight into their fan and customer base, and allow for deeply segmented and customized communications.
Marketing Automation enables you to:
  • Offer customized websites (PURLS) for season ticket holders that present unique, personalized data
  • Combine strategy and technology to help identify, manage and qualify sales prospects
  • Develop communication strategies designed to sell more tickets, maximize retention, and up-sell and cross-sell fans
  • Increase fan touch-points, communications, and overall ticket salesDownload PDF