• Our Culture

What attracts clients to our company is our commitment to building lifelong partnerships and our people. We believe that when you work hard at creating an environment that embodies openness, integrity, teamwork, and a strong work ethic that is evidenced every day in the interactions between our employees and clients. At Paciolan, we come to work ready to innovate and succeed, and we always have fun doing it.

Steve (CFO) volunteers at an NHL game.

At Paciolan there is a real sense of team & working together. Everyone has a focus on meeting our customers’ needs, whether they’re working directly with our customers or supporting the people that do. Our people tell us that they get a buzz, not only out of learning from their colleagues and networking across the company, but also because they have good friends at work. There are people who have been at Paciolan for their whole working life, and others who have joined more recently. The great thing about having such a diverse community is that together, we can share knowledge and experiences which achieves better outcomes.

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What Our Employees Say…

The culture at Paciolan is extremely unique. We operate in a corporate structure but integrate like a family. There is a true sense of teamwork and I take a lot of pride in that. — Deana Itow, Client Partner

I am constantly inspired by and so proud of the talent I see in my co-workers every day. It stimulates my own thinking and plays a role in contributing to my professional growth. — Ellen Jones, Marketing Manager

Paciolan is a Family. Both customers and employees alike make up this family. Our company officers help make this family culture we like to spread to employees and customers possible. As a member of the Paciolan family, it is inspiring to know that our company leaders are setting an excellent example for all of us to carry forward and share. — Kathy Tomas, AP Clerk