• Learning & Development

We believe in and support individual development and continuing education. We provide a huge range of formal and informal learning and development opportunities to help you continually grow your skills and knowledge which will help you achieve more in your role and be more successful in your career. As an organization, we aim to ensure our people have the capability to meet current and future business needs.
Deana (Client Partner) presents fundraising session at Paciolan’s Annual Community Conference PACnet.

We do this through:

Educational Assistance

One of our company goals includes a commitment to talent development of our team. We’ll help you pursue further education that’s enhances your skills for what you do. Paciolan offers financial assistance to full time employees for career-related degree or certification programs offered by approved institutions of learning. Eligible employees may apply for financial assistance to further their job-related educational or professional development.

On-the-Job Experience

Working in an environment of rapid change requires measured risk taking, an ability to learn quickly and to apply the new knowledge. Practical and hands-on experiences help to build employees relationships with their new manager and team, to understand job requirements, to connect with the right people, to understand their place in the team, and to acquire essential knowledge.

Elsie (Client Partner) and Jaime (Sr. EOS Specialist) onsite at Paciolan client Auburn University.

Learn from Our Clients

Every client engagement offers a new opportunity to learn. Through your daily experience, you will acquire and enhance your knowledge about industries, business strategy, and the tools Paciolan uses to exceed client expectations.