• Career Progression

Fulfill your potential

When it comes to building a great career, Paciolan is full of possibilities.

Development Planning

We believe each employee should be responsible for defining and sculpting their career path– with the right help, of course. Development planning enables employees to formalize their career goals and learning objectives, in order to develop their capability for current and future roles.

Paciolan INTIX team
Adam, Jules, Katie, and Tina take a break to pose for a picture while working at the annual INTIX conference.

Performance Feedback

An integral part of your career at Paciolan is feedback on your performance. Regular reviews with your manager give you the opportunity to develop and refine your work and career objectives and to determine your progress towards the goals you have developed.

Internal Mobility

At Paciolan we encourage the internal movement of our employees; after all, you’ve shown your commitment to us and now we’d like to show ours to you. Our positions are advertised internally, and current employees are encouraged to discuss progression opportunities with their managers.