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The Ted Constant Convocation Center

The Ted Constant Convocation Center (“The Ted”), located on the campus of Old Dominion University (ODU), sells tickets for concerts, events and ODU Monarch and Lady Monarch basketball games. The Ted has a 10,000 seat capacity for concerts, and an 8,000 seat capacity for basketball games. Historically, The Ted relied heavily on an outlet sales channel to sell tickets. Management at the Ted decided to transition to the New Era Tickets solution, powered by Paciolan to maximize revenue opportunities.

By moving to the New Era Tickets system, The Ted was able to:

  • Dramatically increase net profits
  • Maximize Internet ticket sales
  • Control the fan experience and leverage their brand
  • Generate incremental revenues

We quadruped our ticketing rebate income in just one year without losing promoters, events, customers or tickets sales. The results speak for
themselves and we are ecstatic about our new ticketing system.

~Doug Higgons, General Manager of the Constant Center and Vice President with Global Spectrum

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